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heyday sanitary pads and heyday menstrual cups
heyday menstrual cups
heyday natural sanitary napkins
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Period care package

Made from 100% medical grade silicone. That’s all.

5 reviews (5 reviews)

The new age period product for a sustainable, super comfortable, odourless and economical experience. The ultra soft, flexible and safest menstrual cup by Heyday stays intact when inserted into your vagina keeping you rash-free, itch-free and most importantly, stress free without disrupting your natural pH. Bye bye messy period days, hello freedom!

This bundle includes:

  • Menstrual Cups - 2 Cups
  • Maxi Fluff - 14 Napkins
  • Certified to be good to your body and the planet!
  • Washable and reusable up to 8 years. 
super soft
rash free
100% organic
good for the planet
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We didn’t
invent the cup but
we perfected it.

It won't hurt,
we promise.

Fold the flat cup into a C-shape and insert. Once inside, release the cup to let it expand securely.

Hold the stem of the cup and slowly pull to release the suction. Gently remove the cup and rinse.

Clean the cup regularly with hot and cold water. Sterilize with boiling water before every cycle.

Don’t Pull
Hot & Cold

    Flatten the cup from the centre to form a C shape


    Spread your legs or squat down for insertion


    Push the period cup entirely inside your vagina

  4. SEAL

    Gently release the folded period cup to pop open

  1. Grasp

    Hold the base of the cup firmly

  2. Squeeze

    Pinch the bottom of the cup to break seal

  3. Don’t Pull

    Gently release the whole cup, don’t pull it by the stem alone

  4. Rinse

    Tip the blood into the toilet, wash the cup, boil and reuse

  1. Rinse

    Wash the cup and the perforations properly before and after every use

  2. Hot & Cold

    Run the cup first through cold water and then hot water for no odour

  3. Boil

    Use a water boiler to sterilise the cup before each menstrual cycle

  4. Store

    Use the cloth bag to store the cup in a cool, dry place till your next period

Know what you are
getting into!

78% users are unaware of the harmful synthetic
ingredients in their daily personal care. Let’s
change that.

Silicone is anti-irritant, odourless, ultra-soft and completely safe on sensitive skin.

The perforations and stem help find the perfect fit on insertion. Once inside, the cup forms an airtight seal that ensures no leaks. The perforations on the cup help to break the seal. You just need to get a hang of it!

Depending on your flow, you can wear the cup for 6 to 12 hours and safely store it in our free cloth bag.

Wash and clean the cup thoroughly with soapy water, at least twice a day before you reinsert. Boil the cup in water to sterilize between cycles.

Clinically certified!

Heyday menstrual cups are manufactured with highly researched technology compliant with FDA regulations because quality matters a lot.

Bye leakage

With up to 10 hours of worry-free protection, the Heyday menstrual cup helps you ace your A-game throughout your periods.

  • Lifetime

  • Anti-leakage
    and anti-rash

  • Can last up
    tO 8 years

Upgrade to a stress-free sustainable period

  • 100% medical grade silicone
  • External ridges for slip free grip
  • Perforations for breaking suction
  • Trimmable stem for perfect fit during use
  • Reinforced base to improve durability

Cups Define Sustainability.

For a lifetime of periods, you will only need 5 menstrual
cups as opposed to 15,000 disposable period products
like pads and tampons. Each cup is reusable upto 8
years and wearable upto 10 hours straight!

• While you can use the cup for a stretch of 10-12 years, once you feel like you need a replacement – chop it up or grind it down and add the remains to the soil.

• If you do not have a provision to recycle the cup, you can even burn it because BPA free silicone does not release any toxic fumes or hazardous chemicals, it simply reduces to ash.

How to dispose

Safer, better and cheaper together!

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Through Thick & Thin

  • All Night Long Extra
    Heavy Flow Pads (14 pcs)
  • Ultra Thin Regular Flow Pads (14 pcs)
  • Maxi Fluff Heavy Flow Pads (14 pcs)
  • Everyday Panty Liners (25 pcs)


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Super Ultra Starter

  • Ultra Thin Regular Flow Pads (14 pcs)
  • Everyday Panty Liners (25 pcs)


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A Cycle of Care (S)

  • Baby Diapers Small Size (50 pcs)
  • Ultra Thin Regular Flow Pads (14 pcs)
  • Maxi Fluff Heavy Flow Pads (14 pcs)
  • Everyday Panty Liners (25 pcs)


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A Cycle of Care (M)

  • Baby Diapers Medium Size (50 pcs)
  • Ultra Thin Regular Flow Pads (14 pcs)
  • Maxi Fluff Heavy Flow Pads (14 pcs)
  • Everyday Panty Liners (25 pcs)


Have questions?
We have all the

A menstrual cup is the coolest period care product! It is both reusable and sustainable at the same time! The menstrual cup is a bell-shaped device made from 100% medical grade silicone that is inserted into the vagina to collect blood during your periods.

Using a menstrual cup can initially take some time getting used to, but when you are comfortable with it, menstrual cups give you an amazing period experience.

Step 1: Pinch & Fold
Flatten or pinch the cup from the centre to form a C shape fold.

Step 2: Position
Spread your legs or squat down and position yourself for inserting the cup.

Step 3: Insert
Push the curved edge of the folded cup into the vaginal opening, until it is all the way in.

Step 4: Seal
Gently release the folded cup until it sits comfortably while firmly sealing your vagina.

Most definitely! The Heyday menstrual cup is easy to remove and you can clean it in two simple steps.

To remove the cup:

  • Grasp the base of the cup and squeeze the cup bottom to loosen the seal.
  • Do not pull the cup out by its stem alone, make sure it is loose first.
  • Tip the contents into the toilet and rinse.
To clean the cup:
  • To avoid odour and discoloration, rinse first in cold water.
  • Sterilize the cup before and after every use by boiling for 3 to 5 minutes over the stove or in a microwave.
  • That’s it! Your cup is clean for its next use. Make sure you store the cup in the cover until then.

Heyday Menstrual Cups are made up of 100% medical-grade silicone. This makes them extremely safe for your body. Our cups are also BPA and toxin free and do not contain any heavy metal, plastic or chemicals.

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Very good product - switching to the cup

I have been using Heyday for two years now. I saw they launched the cup and was scared to try. I am only 19 years and my mom was not comfortable with me trying also. But we bought it and tried the menstrual cup together. It is life changing. Took me 3-4 tries but now I can insert it easily. You just have to find the position that works for you. I use the panty liners under it just for safety.

Priyanka S.
Super comfortable & Eco friendly..!

Super comfortable...! Eco friendly sanitary napkins, made from natural ingredients, around 17rs per napkin but trust me it’s a Must buy product for self n natural care totally worth at this cost. I even tried to compost it and it is working so really not a fake product. Recommend..

Surobhi S.
Comfortable, soft,organic, value for money:)

It has been more than one year that I am using heyday sanitary pads. They are awesome and very comfortable. I rarely get rashes and blood clots after using them. Thank You heyday:) I buy the bundle pack with all variants and can choose the best one depending on my flow.

Good but could've been better stickiness

This period pads and panty liners are Highly comfortable,Very rashes.. Only the negative part is adhesive,it could've been better.and wings are also a little small in my opinion.. But overall very good. I will buy it again and recommend it to friends.

Best investment

I no longer have skin irritation at my genital area and vaginal infections and irritations overall ever since I ditched other sanitary pads and started using this Heyday product. No bad odours, no leakages. They have improved the back adhesive so no moving of period pads while worn. I believe this is 100% natural ingredients/ materials used to create this pad. Such a blessing since I suffered a lot with commercial plastic, sanitary pads coated with harmful chemicals. This is such a blessing!! Safe for my body and the environment. Thank you so much Heyday Your product is a blessing!. Pls don't increase the price It's quite economical and healthy for us middle class folks. Thank you!