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Yes, absolutely! All Heyday products, be it our sanitary pads, panty liners, period cups, or baby diapers; are made of natural and organic components and contain zero plastic, chemicals and toxins that could be harmful for your body or the planet. The all-organic pads, liners and diapers are made from corn and bamboo fibres that decompose within 2 years of disposal while the menstrual cup is composed of 100% medical grade BPA free silicone and is reusable up to 8 years.

Yes, all Heyday products are completely vegan and cruelty free. Our products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin and have never been and will not be tested on animals.

Heyday is India’s first homegrown natural personal care brand based out of Delhi. Some of our raw materials are sourced internationally but the finished products are manufactured and assembled in our plant within India itself.

Heyday products pride themselves to be end to end sustainable and eco-friendly. Right from sourcing of our raw materials to the final product packaging; every single step of the process is completed in a zero wasteful and completely biodegradable manner.

Yes, our Heyday products are available at organic stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and departmental stores all across the country. To know the nearest store to your location, please use the store locator on our website.

Heyday sanitary pads, panty liners, baby diapers and menstrual cups i.e all our products are available on various e-commerce portals like Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, 1mg, FirstCry, Purplle among other aggregator sites.

Unfortunately, we do not give out free samples for our products. But we assure you that once you try Heyday, you will definitely be coming back for more!

Order Cancellation

Once your order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled or refunded as per the company refund policy. In case you want to edit your order or change shipping details kindly email us on within 24 hours of placing the order.


Since all our products are personal hygiene products, once received they cannot be returned unless the product is incorrect, damaged or expired. In case you have received an incorrect, damaged or expired product, please notify us within 24 hours of delivery and we will send out a replacement care package to you.

It is very unlikely that you will. However, if you do receive a wrong or damaged order, kindly take pictures of the package including, the external box (with the label) and all the products which you have received. Email us with these details on within 24
We will verify any issues and replace your order within 15 working days.
Note: To process a replacement, the request should be sent to us within 24 hours of receiving the order along with the requested pictures.


Subscribing to us is super easy! Just go to the product page and choose the pad, liner, cup or diaper you want to subscribe to. Select the subscription option available under add to cart and pick your frequency and quantity of subscription. Proceed to pay using your card to finish the process.

With Heyday's subscription package, you receive your chosen product on the same time every month or whichever interval you choose. In this manner, you don’t run out on your supplies. Your account will get auto-debited on the basis of the frequency you have chosen, and the product (in the specific quantity you have chosen) will be dispatched automatically.

Every transaction is routed through a secure payment gateway, and the subscription can be cancelled anytime with just a click. This helps you stock up worry free without any slips!

You will receive an order confirmation email on your registered email id, on every stipulated date under your subscription. Within 24-48 hours of that notification, your product will be dispatched and you will once again, receive an email with the dispatch information.

You can cancel your subscription anywhere and anytime from your My Account page. After you cancel your Heyday subscription, your card will no longer be charged.

Note: If a shipment under your subscription has already been dispatched, it cannot be cancelled.

Just write to us at if you want to reschedule the next shipment under your subscription. We will do the needful!

You can cancel Heyday’s subscription anywhere and anytime; and completely free of any charges.

Managing your subscription with Heyday is extremely easy! To make any changes, just visit your My Accounts page on our website and click on Subscriptions. Go to the edit option and change any details that you want.

Sanitary Pads

Heyday sanitary pads are made of a 100% organic corn and bamboo plant fibre spunlace weave, that’s all, which makes your Heyday sanitary pads completely biodegradable to decompose within 2 years of disposal. Corn provides a natural softness to the texture for a completely rash free experience. Bamboo provides high absorbency and has natural antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties keeping your period free from leaks, infections or redness.

Yes! Each Heyday sanitary pad comes with an individual natural disposable cover made from corn starch. Its material ensures a safe and easy disposal that is natural too. The cover is a little fragile and should be removed slowly to avoid a tear.

At Heyday, we believe in being completely sustainable at all times! So, we use soy coated paper boxes for each and every product. Out boxes are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and waterproof as well; to keep your products safe and hygienic.

From product to packaging; that means completely! Heyday sanitary pads are fully biodegradable and that makes them 100% eco-friendly. Our sanitary pads are made from seven layers of corn and bamboo fibres while the disposal cover is made from corn starch. Even the glue on the pads is a plant based resin, the packaging of the box is a soy coated paper box and the care packages are shipped in corrugated boxes. The entire pack is biodegradable within two years of disposal.

According to international hygiene standards, sanitary pads (of any company) should be changed every 6 hours for proper hygiene and maximum comfort. Heyday pads too, can be changed every 6 to 10 hours depending on your flow and the pad variant being used. In case of The Ultra Thin XL and Maxi Fluff XL, pads can be changed after 6-8 hours of use. However, if you are using the All Night Long XXL pads; they can be changed after 8-10 hours of use.

Yes, absolutely! In fact, we’d suggest that you use Heyday pads because they are completely natural, rash free and super soft even on sensitive skin. Our pads have been made from the finest ingredients that are completely plant-based. The super soft top sheet feels like you’re barely wearing a pad throughout the day to ensure the most comfortable period experience.

Heyday offers 3 variants of sanitary pads:

  • Ultra Thin XL (290mm) – Ideal for regular flow
  • Maxi Fluff XL (290mm) – Ideal for heavy flow
  • All Night Long XXL (350mm) – Ideal for extra heavy night flow

The Ultra Thin XL pad for regular flow absorbs up to 225 mL of fluid while the Maxi Fluff XL pad for heavy flow absorbs up to 228 mL of fluid. The most absorption however, comes with the All Night Long XXL pads that can absorb up to 235 mL of fluid.

Yes! We’ve tested our pads and they passed with a full score. Heyday pads have been developed after intensive research and development for over 2 years. The pads are tested and certified by ISO 9001:2018, SGS, Ecocert, BPI, FSC, OekoTek, NABL and are FDA compliant. For more proof of our effectiveness, even Dermatologists and gynaecologists have approved the pads to be harmless and safe for the sensitive vaginal skin.

Heyday pads are made of all natural plant fibres which basically makes them completely biodegradable. Since the pads don’t contain any plastic, polymers, perfumes, dioxins or other chemicals, they can decompose naturally within 2 years from disposal. For quicker decomposition results, you can dispose off the pads with your general household waste in a compost pit.

The pH of Heyday pads is 7.1 making them safe and healthy for sensitive skin.

Heyday pads are extremely simple to use! Start by gently opening the disposable cover to take the Heyday pad out. Then, remove the release paper backing to expose the adhesive and gently place the pad on your underwear. Make sure that the adhesive sticks well to your underwear. And lastly, wrap the wings of the pad around the inner side of your underwear for complete security.

Baby Diapers

Heyday baby diapers are made up of natural and organic corn and bamboo fibres for the best benefit of both your baby and the environment. Corn provides the natural softness to the top-sheet’s texture to save your baby’s bums from any rashes, redness or itching. Bamboo fibres provide high absorbency and have natural antibacterial and bacteriostatic to prevent any infection. The core is made up of bio-composite absorber to provide maximum absorbency to keep those delicate bums dry.

Yes! The natural composition of Heyday diapers makes them 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. The diapers decompose naturally within 2 years from disposal. You may dispose the soiled baby diapers directly with your general household waste or in a compost pit for best results and quicker decomposition.

Heyday baby diapers are only available in tape style to perfectly adjust according to the baby’s body shape. The tape also ensures that your baby does not get rashes or irritation to their sensitive skin.

Not at all! For your baby’s best care, Heyday diapers are free from plastic, toxins, chemicals, bleaches and any kind of perfumes. While the baby diaper is made from a spunlace weave of corn and bamboo plant fibres, the glue used in the layers is a plant resin adhesive, the diapers have a soft Velcro tape for easy adjustment of the waist belt and a bio-composite absorber to hold the fluid. The outer packaging of the diapers also comes in an oxo-degradable bioplastic bag. The Heyday baby diaper is a highly researched prototype and only contains safe and healthy ingredients for your baby and the environment.

Heyday baby diapers completely degrade naturally. Therefore, you don’t have to worry at all about discarding them specifically. The soiled diapers can be thrown with your general household waste. For quicker results, you can also compost the diapers in your home or community compost pit.

Wetness indicators are a convenient way to signal that it is time to change to the new diaper. On every Heyday baby diaper, there are two wetness indicator lines. These lines turn from yellow to blue every time your baby urinates. And when the line is completely blue, it indicates that it is time to change to new diapers. The wetness indicators are completely safe for your baby – they are made of toxin and chemical free pigment to avoid any reactions

For Pee: Heyday comes with wetness indicator lines to make your life easier. Once the lines are completely blue you know it’s time for a change.

For Poop: change immediately after checking.

Heyday diapers are available in 4 different sizes – Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large depending on your baby’s weight. Small size is ideal for babies weighing upto 8 kgs. Medium size is ideal for babies weighing from 7- 14 kgs. Large size is ideal for babies weighing from 13 – 20 kgs and Extra Large is ideal for babies weighing between 18 -25 Kgs

There is some overlap in weights between diaper sizes. If your baby is in between two sizes and you are confused which one to pick, we recommend sizing down because the cost per diaper is less and a too-loose diaper can cause leaks.
These are the indicators to know when your baby is outgrowing their current size.

  • Waist is stretching: The flaps that secure the diapers should fit snug in a correct size diaper without you having to pull them.

  • Legs coverage: Your baby's bottom should be fully enclosed by the diaper to prevent leaks and blowouts. The leg cuffs shouldn't be tucked in.

  • Red marks on skin: If you see red impressions when you change the diaper, it could be a sign that the fit is too tight and you need to size up.

We understand your problem! Parents sometimes do complain that newborn diapers seem too small, and the small size seems too big. If this is the case for you, try using the Small size Heyday diaper and folding down the waist before you put it on. Our starting size is Small at the moment.

Yes! Even the outer packaging of Heyday diapers is made of oxo-biodegradable plastic which also degrades naturally within 2 years from disposal. Our entire product; both the diapers and its packaging are completely safe for the planet.

The expiry of our baby diapers is 3 years. For hygienic usage, we recommend storing the diapers in a cool dry place.

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Please share your queries, concerns or feedback with us here and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.

Alternatively, you can drop us an email at or call us on +91 9560488256 from Monday to Friday between 11 AM and 5 PM or write to us at 301-304, Tower 1, DLF Corporate Park, Phase 3, MG Road, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002.

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Once your order has been shipped, it takes up to 7 business days to get delivered depending on your delivery location. However, most of our orders are delivered within 2-5 days of dispatch. You can track your order on the tracking link that you may have received on your mail while placing the order. You can also try out the Track Order feature on our website.
In case of any further issues, please write to us at on contact our customer care helpline at +91 9560488256. We’d be happy to assist you!

We have a flat shipping charge of INR 30 applicable for all orders of value less than INR 500. Orders above INR 500 are shipped free of charge

Heyday is currently present to make deliveries in all pin codes across India.

Unfortunately, Heyday is currently only available within India.

Become a seller

We would be more than happy to service your request. Please write to us at with your quantity requirement and store details – our sales team member will get in touch with you regarding the terms of trade and other details.

We will require some details to understand the specifics of your order. Once we get it in touch, we will develop a curated proposal for you. Please write to us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Yes! Heyday products are available for sale all across India. Whether you are selling remotely from your building or community, own an organic store or pharmacy or represent a retail chain; feel free to get in touch and partner with us.

Menstrual Cups

A menstrual cup is the coolest period care product! It is both reusable and sustainable at the same time! The menstrual cup is a bell-shaped device made from 100% medical grade silicone that is inserted into the vagina to collect blood during your periods.

Using a menstrual cup can initially take some time getting used to, but when you are comfortable with it, menstrual cups give you an amazing period experience.

Step 1: Pinch & Fold
Flatten or pinch the cup from the centre to form a C shape fold.

Step 2: Position
Spread your legs or squat down and position yourself for inserting the cup

Step 3: Insert
Push the curved edge of the folded cup into the vaginal opening, until it is all the way in.

Step 4: Seal
Gently release the folded cup until it sits comfortably while firmly sealing your vagina.

Most definitely! The Heyday menstrual cup is easy to remove and you can clean it in two simple steps.
To remove the cup:

  • Grasp the base of the cup and squeeze the cup bottom to loosen the seal

  • Do not pull the cup out by its stem alone, make sure it is loose first.

  • Tip the contents into the toilet and rinse. To clean the cup:

  • To avoid odour and discoloration, rinse first in cold water.

  • Sterilize the cup before and after every use by boiling for 3 to 5 minutes over the stove or in a microwave.

  • That’s it! Your cup is clean for its next use. Make sure you store the cup in the cover until then.

Heyday Menstrual Cups are made up of 100% medical-grade silicone. This makes them extremely safe for your body. Our cups are also BPA and toxin free and do not contain any heavy metal, plastic or chemicals.

Heyday period cups are available in two different sizes depending on your cervix

  • a. Medium: Holds 25 – 30 Ml blood, ideal for first time users, women under 30 and women who have not delivered yet. Suitable for light to regular flow.

  • b. Large: Holds 45 – 50 Ml blood, ideal for women over 30 and women who have delivered. Suitable for heavy to extra heavy flow.

If you are still unsure about which size would suit you, we also provide a combo pack that includes both the sizes for you to try out.

Heyday cups are made specifically keeping in mind the safety and flexibility of your cervix. The dimensions of different sizes of Heyday period cup are as follows:

  • a. Medium - (Length- 74 mm, Internal Diameter- 31 mm and External Diameter- 41 mm)

  • b. Large - (Length- 74 mm, Internal Diameter- 36 mm and External Diameter- 46 mm)

Heyday menstrual cups can ideally be worn up to 10 hours without changing.

Absolutely! In fact, menstrual cups are completely suitable for your vaginal health. Heyday cups are made of 100% Medical grade and BPA free silicone; which makes them your perfectly safe period companion. Our cups have been tested to be compatible with your body and contain no toxic, plastic or chemicals that can harm you

This is a very common misconception. However, trust us when we say that using the menstrual cup has no effect on your virginity or your hymen. In fact, Heyday cups are so soft and flexible, that they can be inserted and removed with ease by all menstruating women including women who are not sexually active yet.

Not at all! Using menstrual cups takes some getting used to in the beginning, but once you get a hang of it there isn’t anything more comfortable. Heyday menstrual cups are the softest and most flexible cups available. These cups truly make you feel like you're not wearing anything.

When kept properly and cleaned when required, the expiry of our cups is 8 years. This means that you only need 5 cups for a lifetime of periods.

Avoid using Heyday cups when you are not on your periods. They are not contraceptives and should not be used together with IUD. Do not use the cup if you are suffering from UTIs.

Panty Liners

Heyday liners are made of plant based fibres of corn and bamboo and contain zero plastic, toxins or harsh chemicals. The top-layer is made with corn fibre which is naturally soft to the skin, while the bamboo fibre core provides high absorbency and natural antibacterial properties to protect your skin from rashes, allergies and infections.
Heyday’s natural liners keep your intimate skin hygienic and healthy all day long!

With Heyday liners, you don’t have to worry about constant changing. These liners can be worn up to 10 hours at a stretch depending on your comfort.

Yes, totally! The Heyday panty liners are safe for daily use except on the days when you are on your period. Our liners keep your underwear clean from discharge, bladder leaks, spotting and give you maximum hygiene. They are made with 100% plant fibres to ensure zero rashes, discomfort, redness or allergies on sensitive skin.

The Heyday panty liners length is 150mm.

Panty liners are perfect to maintain your everyday hygiene and comfort on non-period days. Heyday liners ensure complete protection against spotting, discharge, and leaks to keep you naturally fresh down there.

Heyday doesn’t recommend you using the panty liners anytime except on non period days. Panty liners are thin and cannot withstand high flow of period blood. The absorbency of a panty liner is much less than that of a sanitary pad.

Heyday panty liners can be used on all non-period days to maintain a healthy hygiene routine. These liners prevent dryness, itching, rashes and keep you comfortable and fresh down there; all day long!

Yes! We’ve tested our pads and they passed with a full score. Heyday liners have been developed after intensive research and development for over 2 years. The liners are tested and certified by ISO 9001:2018, SGS, Ecocert, BPI, FSC, OekoTek, NABL and are FDA compliant. For more proof of our effectiveness, Dermatologists and gynaecologists have approved the liners to be harmless and safe for the sensitive vaginal skin.

The pH of Heyday liners is 7.1 making them safe and healthy for sensitive skin.

Heyday panty liner is extremely easy to use! First, you gently take the liner out from the biodegradable disposable cover and then release the paper backing to expose the adhesive. After that, place the Heyday liner over your underwear and press it so that the adhesive sticks and secures the liner firmly. Keep the disposable cover to dispose the used liner later.

Our liners are available in only one kind of pack size that contains 25 liners. This means, if you use it regularly, one packet can last you a whole month!