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YOU have been on
our mind right from the start.

Finding natural plant based alternative materials that could do the functional job of a pad topped our agenda.

We zeroed in on an ultra-soft, highly absorbent and naturally antibacterial combination of corn and bamboo fibres, grown in the pesticide-free soil making our prototype organic and biodegradable.

The intensive r&d
The idea’s seed

Circa 2015. We found that 8 out of 10 Indian women with access to sanitary pads faced severe rashes and discomfort during their periods.

Reason? Harmful synthetics, dioxins and plastics in conventional pads that were non-biodegradable too! We had to do something about it.

Heyday was finally born in October 2017.

We started with 4 SKUs of regular and heavy flow sanitary pads, which received an amazing response, with women personally writing to us about how comfortable Heyday made their periods.

The magic weaver

Our passion for making period care sustainable led us to a spunlace technology, which helped us weave the corn and bamboo fibres together into 100% natural and super comfy sanitary napkins, panty liners and baby diapers.

In the past three years, we diversified our product offerings to provide a comprehensive personal hygiene and have grown to 24 SKUs.

We launched panty liners, all night long pads, baby diapers, menstrual cups and cater to over 3.5 lakh users across the country. Our research for new innovation products continues to up your personal care game!

The brand’s growth
focus on distribution

We saw a surge in demand from consumers pan India and launched our products in over 300 stores offline as well as online through Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, Firstcry, 1mg among others. We have not looked back ever since and continue to serve our users.

We have been trusted month after month by

Happy customers

Created by a woman who
didn’t settle for less.

A passionate social entrepreneur, Deepanjali is a former Ernst & Young consultant and a graduate from Barnard College of Columbia University in New York. A brainchild of Deepanjali, Heyday was born when she realised that the composition of commercially sold personal care products is harmful for the body and the environment.

“We came in as India’s first challenger brand that offered better and safer natural personal care to the user in a category that had not seen innovation for decades. Our triumph was that we cared, a lot!”

- Deepanjali Kanoria
Founder and CEO, Heyday

There is no Planet B.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

Plastic pollution is growing at an alarming rate. And believe it or not, our personal hygiene is a culpable culprit. Over 12.3 billion sanitary napkins and baby diapers are disposed of in India every year, 98% of which find their way to landfills and oceans! Which is why, we strive to keep making innovative products that are easier on the planet.

From product to packaging, Heyday is 100% sustainable.

Eco-friendly product

A unique weave of corn and bamboo goes into the making of our range of sanitary pads, panty liners and baby diapers, which is ultra-soft, highly absorbent, and decomposes within 2 years of disposal. For best results, we recommend disposal in a compost pit but disposing the products with your household waste will also yield results within 2 years.

Our period cups are made of 100% BPA free medical-grade silicone. A single cup can last up to 12 years! And it can be recycled forever, relieving some stress off our overflowing landfills.

packaging solutions

We made a conscious effort to ensure that we steer away from poly bags. The pads, liners and cups are packaged in soy-coated paper boxes, while the baby diapers are packaged in oxo-degradable bags, making the packaging 100% sustainable and biodegradable.

Don’t go by the appearance of our disposal covers. They may look like plastic but are entirely made from corn starch, which breaks down within 2 years of disposal - no treatment required. Even the hot glue used is derived solely from plant resins in our pads, liners and diapers. Heyday products are finally shipped in corrugated boxes to deliver care every step of the way.

Don't worry, we are India's first patented
super certified brand!

We’re in this together.

Each time you choose Heyday, you make a powerful choice to
influence life-changing impact.


women artisans got a
lifetime supply of pads


school girls did not drop out
because of periods

1.5 acres

of landfills didn’t get clogged
with sanitary waste