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Girls Night Out on Your Periods? Hell Yeah!

It’s the end of the month, your hard-earned salary has just hit the account and you’ve made some wild weekend plans! To start with, you and your girls will be hitting the dance floor tonight. You mentally skim through your wardrobe thinking what you will wear- when an uninvited guest knocks on your door. Terrible timing. You are left with no option but to enjoy your girls’ night out on periods.
Not every period night must be spent with pajamas in bed. You should be free to spend some carefree hours with inebriated friends and your favourite tunes. In fact, very few things cure PMS mood swings better than dancing away happily. To ensure you have a grand evening, full of tapping feet and clapping hands, we’ve created a checklist of simple reminders that will keep the night moving smoothly and help you enjoy night out on periods. In addition to putting a couple of organic sanitary pads in your bag, the following are other easy hacks you must remember before you leave for your night out:-

Choose Comfort.

We all have that one stunning dress that is waiting to see the light of the day (or should we say the dark of the night).
However, it will have to wait if it is uncomfortable and not an effortless attire.

Pick an outfit that you are comfortable in and allows you to move around freely. With regards to your footwear, consider wearing flats because heels can give you a backache which may be aggravated due to your period.

It is also a good idea to carry a change of clothes in case your original attire stains. Something as simple as a hoodie could also do the trick – simply wrap it around your waist if things start going south.

Carry a Period-Kit.
It is extremely important to remember to order your sanitary pads online a week prior to your night out. In addition to your organic sanitary pads, make space to squeeze in some painkillers, and some non-plastic disposal bags for sanitary pads and tampons in your purse. We often disregard them thinking we would pick it up from a medical store on the go. However, you never know if they’ll be open, and/or if you’ll get the ones you want. Heyday offers a range of sanitary pads online to suit your needs. Choose from – XXL All Night Long, Maxi Fluff and Ultra Thin XL organic sanitary pads to know what suits you best and take it along with you on your night out. Odour-free, toxic-free and natural, they can be your best chum.
Also prevent staining your glamorous gown by setting alarms that remind you to change your pads in regular intervals.

Keep Hydrated and Full.

Your body is energy-hungry when you are on your period – especially when you are also dancing. This is your excuse to enjoy those carb-rich foods that make you salivate.

Keep eating through the night to keep exhaustion and weakness at bay. Additionally, fluctuating hormones and dehydration often cause period pains and mood swings, so make sure you drink enough water and stay hydrated for uninterrupted bliss.

Take a Break From Alcohol and Smoking.

Are you the kind who only socially drinks in parties? Or are you the kind who looks for an excuse to grab a drink and smoke?
Either way, on your period night out, choose to be the one who only gets high on music and friends.
Alcohol is extremely dehydrating and hence drinking during your period can intensify period symptoms and can aggravate cramps, soreness, and fatigue.

Additionally, according to Dr. Nita Landry obstetrician and gynecologist, “nicotine causes uterine blood vessels to constrict. This slows blood flow to your uterus and makes your period cramps even worse.”

You Got It? You Flaunt It.
Break the stigma, and let your girl gang know that you are on your period. This is most important because even if you forget all of the aforementioned steps, your friends can help you out with a pad, arrange for disposal bags for sanitary pads and tampons, or lend you their scarf to cover a stain if you get one. They know because they’ve been through it too. They will empathise and take care of you while you enjoy the night with them. Most importantly, they’ll remind you to let nothing stop you from shaking what your mama gave you!