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Eco-friendly Sanitary Pads Elevate Female Hygiene

Eco-friendly & Biodegradable Sanitary Pads Elevate Female Hygiene
According to statistics, an average woman uses 17,000 sanitary pads throughout her lifetime. Those 17,000 hygienic products, full of chemicals, plastics, SAP, polymers, perfumes and other synthetic compounds, are buried in the dumps of the world and take several centuries to decompose. In India, over one billion of these non biodegradable sanitary pads clog landfills, water bodies and sewage systems every year. This is because synthetic pads are made of 90% plastic and are bleached with chlorine furthermore.
That explains why the level of trash in In India is on the rise
It is estimated that the Earth takes between 100 and 200 years to completely assimilate that waste caused by non-biodegradable sanitary pads into its system. Plastic is not biodegradable, and its chemical compounds will remain present even after the total decomposition of the sanitary pad. On the other hand, the oil exploitation that is needed to produce these disposable plastics is extremely destructive and contaminates water and land for thousands of years. In the end, these wastes go to landfills, rivers, seas, lakes, and deserts, where they affect the lives of other people and animals, damaging the landscape and contaminating it forever.

Women in India have now started the biodegradable pads revolution
Many educated women in India, in a bid to overcome this pollution, have already started using green biodegradable sanitary pads. The products are made using natural raw materials that are far less damaging to the environment. Not all women are comfortable switching from one type of sanitary pad to another. However, because the country is now promoting eco-conscious biodegradable pads, they have become a choice. One such great option are Heyday pads made from natural plant based fibres of corn and bamboo. Heyday customers have loved the experience because these pads look and function exactly like a regular sanitary napkin but feel extremely soft and comfortable on the sensitive vaginal skin.
Biodegradable pads are an economical, healthier and ecological alternative
If you worry about your health and want to keep your body and your feminine health in harmony, you should know that the plastic with which the disposable towels are made is a derivative of petroleum which is obtained through several chemical processes. These procedures culminate in the production of a final material that has many irritating characteristics. For this reason, many women suffer from allergies, small bruises, urinary tract infections, rashes, skin irritation and welts when using non- biodegradable pads. It is found that the chemicals from synthetic pads can easily directly enter a woman’s bloodstream and even cause birth defects, miscarriages, period pain and cervical cancer.

Plastic sanitary pads also raise the temperature of your genital area
This increase in temperature, coupled up with the flow, sweating, and movement, creates the perfect environment for the development of bacteria. And when there are bacteria, there are bad odour. Not even the famous fragrances and scents can disguise this. In fact, the perfumes used in pads is harmful for the body. This, in the long term, results in a cause of common infections to the urinary tract and vaginal fungal infections that many women suffer recurrently. With biodegradable pads, a woman’s body can be completely protected. The ecological biodegradable pads are comfortable and safe because they protect women from infections and do not cause irritations.

Let Us All Embrace Biodegradable Sanitary Pads In India
Biodegradable sanitary napkins are a new invention in the personal hygiene space that aim to transform women’s periods by protecting their health and also helping the environment we live in. Let us all pledge to make a small switch in this direction and make educated consumer choices this month. Join the period revolution today!