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6 Period Tracking Apps and Related FAQs Answered

Life is unpredictable and so are periods. If you had to put a date to your last period, could you – without scratching your head? If you are like most women you would find yourself fumbling, doing math calculations in the air and counting on your fingers before giving a not-so-accurate response. So this is where period tracking becomes crucial.

Gone are the days when you had to use pen and paper to track your periods. Since we use an app for almost everything nowadays, then why not also use one for period tracking? With the help of these apps you can make period tracking easier than ever while also improving your gynecological health simultaneously. If you are wondering how, read further. Apart from knowing when your next period is due, these apps will also help you know your body better.

Additionally, period tracking apps can make you aware of other aspects of your health. For instance if you have an irregular cycle or hormonal imbalance, the app will ensure you are notified of signs that signifies an abnormal pattern. The apps will make it easier for you to furnish out the most minute details about your menstrual cycle on your next gynecologist visit.

If you are still unconvinced about downloading a period tracking app, consider browsing through our answers of some of the following frequently asked questions about cycle trackers:-

How does a period tracker app work?
A period tracker app prompts you to enter details about your period, sexual activity, monthly flow, period pain and more. After three months of period tracking and you logging in the details of your flow, the app will start predicting your body patterns. In addition to notifying you of your period dates before you get a chance to wonder – when is my next period due? – it will also foretell the expected duration of your period, your ovulation period, and even your days of highest fertility. If you use it optimally, the period tracker app can take all of the guesswork out of your menstrual cycle.

Why should I use it? (other than to know when my next period is)

One of the most important advantages of using a cycle tracker app is that you can plan your life better. No more surprise visitors in your underpants on the day you leave for a beach holiday! While period tracker apps may not be foolproof, knowing when to expect your period helps many plan their calendars around it. These reminders ensure that you aren’t caught without a sanitary pad in your favorite white dress. We also recommend using a cycle tracker so that you can be armed with your favourite organic, biodegradable and very comfortable Heyday sanitary napkins + panty liners to enjoy a stress-free and comfortable period.

How can period trackers help me if I am trying to conceive?

The estimations made by an ovulation tracker app work wonders especially when you are looking to get pregnant. They send the user reminders in the days leading up to and after ovulation, predicting your fertile window in advance. In addition to planning your pregnancy, the ovulation tracker also gives you insights on your mood and the fluctuations in your libido, so that you can plan your love-making session for the perfect evening.
Can period trackers help me in preventing pregnancy?

Period tracking apps should not be used as the sole method of birth control. According to a study published in the journal Nature Digital Medicine in July 2019, women do not ovulate at the exact midpoint of their cycle as predicted by these period tracking apps. Hence, while you can get an idea of when not to have sex with your partner if you don’t wish to get pregnant, we recommend always using other means of contraception and not solely relying on your app.

Which are the best period tracking apps to start with?
The following are the 6 most accurate period tracker apps I recommend trying. Note: All of them are free to download, however some charge extra for premium features.

Clue – This period tracker app allows you to enter in data fors more than 30 optional categories including cervical fluid secretion, hair fall rates, birth control methods and period symptoms. Their “clear calendar overview” helps you map your period patterns and watch it improve over time.

Flo – One of the most popular cycle tracker apps, Flo gives its users the option to log their symptoms and activities — sex drive, mood, vaginal discharge, how much water you are drinking, etc. One of the key unique features include – “secret chats” – a platform that allows the user to “discuss intimate topics, ask questions anonymously and get support from millions of women worldwide.”

Ovia – This cycle tracker predicts your daily “fertility score,” or in simple words the app shows how likely you are to get pregnant on that day. It also gives you an option to export your data into Excel and track your nutrition information while allowing you to customise your app backgrounds and colours. They go beyond your period, to help you navigate through pregnancy while keeping in mind your own and your baby’s good health. Period Tracker Period Calendar – This user-friendly app not only lets you track your period but also weight and other symptoms, which are divided under segments like head, body and emotion sections. The app also incorporates an intimacy and mood tracker using fun emojis to predict your emotional state on any given date.

MyFlo – MyFlo cycle tracker notifies you with recommendations to better your holistic health by reminding you to eat whole foods, take certain supplements, and exercise so that you can have a happier and healthier period! The app concentrates on monitoring your hormones and helps you understand (scientifically) how they regulate your moods, your period, your health and your productivity.

Glow – Glow Fertility is one of the most well-known ovulation tracker and period tracker apps. Glow reminds its users to take their medications, birth control and contraception as and when required. With four main segments, “Eve by Glow,” “Glow,” “Glow Nurture” and “Glow Baby,” the app can be a woman’s friend right from her puberty days to the time she delivers a baby and even after.

Demystify your periods by knowing more about your body. With a period tracking app, your life can be a lot more organized, and you can be a whole lot healthier, productive and happier. Email us with any additional questions you may have about tracking your flow. Heyday promises to be on your side from day one of your period!