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6 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Switch To Natural Sanitary Pads Today

One of the major causes that drives deep rooted cultural beliefs about the curse and impurity of menstruation that plagues the Indian society, is the lack of education and prevalence of unfounded myths and superstitions. A predominant feature that gives legitimacy to this false notion is related to inadequate personal hygiene and general sanitation. In view of the magnitude of the problem, the Government of India has launched a pilot project to distribute locally made low cost sanitary pads particularly in the rural and slum areas, where the problem seems to be most acute. The National Rural Health Mission, 2010, has plans to cover 1.5 adolescent girls in the target areas. Though it is a move in the right direction, a lot more needs to be done to eradicate the age old prejudices and cultural taboos.

Importance of sanitation and hygiene:

The pronounced poverty of hygiene attached to menstruation in India, is reflected in over 23% adolescent girl drop-outs from school with the onset of puberty. The prejudices attached to menstruation and utter paucity of infrastructure, in the educational institutions to cater to the needs of menstruating individuals has compounded the stigma attached to it. It is also believed that in India around 77% of girls and women use cloth during periods and are sometimes compelled to reuse it. This makes them susceptible to infections and a host of problems. In the urban areas the slightly aware have access to disposable napkins if they can afford it.

But, a large section of our affected population, still make do with a piece of cloth embellished with ashes, newspaper, dry leaves and husk to improve absorption in the improvised cloth sanitary napkins, which are neither hygienic nor healthy. In such a scenario, the introduction of eco-friendly natural sanitary pads becomes all the more necessary.

Use of sanitary napkins:

It is still a taboo to discuss menstrual hygiene in India. The home made quick fix cloth napkins, used by a majority of menstruating individuals are not free of problems. The off the shelf synthetic napkins cannot be afforded by the majority and the materials used for making them do not reflect a healthy option as they can leave women susceptible to rashes, allergies, skin infections, UTIs, birth defects, miscarriages, ovarian and cervical cancers. There is an added issue of their disposal. In this light, the introduction of cost effective eco-friendly sanitary pads is encouraging.

Eco-friendly sanitary pads:

The emergence of bio-degradable sanitary pads has led to a sea change in the attitudes associated with menstruation. These biodegradable pads do not contain gels, chemicals, or synthetic fibres that cause irritation and diseases. Heyday is India’s first biodegradable and organic sanitary that is made from the plant based fibres of corn and bamboo.

6 reasons to switchover to natural sanitary pads from Heyday: Biodegradable and organic sanitary napkins with bamboo pulp and corn starch like those introduced by Heyday in India score over regular pads for more reasons than one.

Comfortable: Natural pads are made of soft, non-synthetic plant based material. They are cushiony and highly absorbent, being commonly made of corn and bamboo fibres. Since it will conform to your shape, you won’t even feel its presence in the most sensitive part of your body. Eco friendly: Biodegradability being a major feature in natural pads and they do not collect in landfills for long periods of time as they compost within 2 years under the action of microorganisms in the soil and air. These napkins are designed to last for 5-7 hours just like synthetic sanitary napkins but have a quality of not causing the environment any harm. Synthetic pads on the other hand, lie in landfills for over 450 years without any source of decomposition.
Breathing Top Sheet: The natural pads allow your skin to breathe freely with easy airflow to the vagina. You can forget the problem of odour, sweating and rashes as these pads are made out of natural plant based fibres that do not block the skin from breathing for long periods of time as in synthetic pads.
Highly Absorbent: The inner layer is filled with bamboo pulp which is 300 times more absorbent than wood pulp. They are eco-friendly and safer than wood pulp. Bamboo sanitary pads are cost effective, as compared to regular pads. These pads are leak proof and additionally the wings prevent seepage.
Antibacterial Properties: The bamboo sanitary pads have multiple benefits including the fact that the bamboo pulp has natural anti-bacterial properties, natural sterilisation effects and is capable of neutralising odours.
Secure and Safe: The pads are also naturally leak proof with wider hip guards to keep users safe and secure on their periods. The seven super absorbent bamboo core sheets and wide wings provide a secure fit for full coverage. The pads use no chemicals, plastics, perfumes, bleaches, latex or toxins during production making them much healthier for a woman’s body. Menstruation is not demeaning but a virtue. By making an educated switch to better personal hygiene products, you are able to take control of your bodily processes in a very empowering manner. The overall advantages allow you to take charge of your body.
The switch to Heyday natural sanitary pads gives you the freedom from the compulsions of using synthetic pads during your periods. The multiple benefits of bamboo and corn pads free you from the apprehensions that you used to carry with improper absorption and the fear of leaks in other biodegradable options. Make this period better for your body and the environment, choose Heyday!