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Your Go-to Guide For Organic Baby Diapers

Post the revelation that the rampant usage of regular disposable diapers might significantly impact the environment, parents have been on the hunt for organic diapers. Surely enough, the use of organic diapers is an effective remedy that will not only help the world breathe better, but will also keep your baby’s sensitive skin from harm’s way. As the name suggests, organic diapers are made from plant-based materials and is the most natural diapering option available today. Not only are organic baby diapers highly absorbent, but they are also gentle against the delicate skin folds of your baby. However, while making this transition from regular to organic, it is important to pick the right brand so that you can be satisfied with a long term solution.

Contrary to popular belief, there are numerous options to choose from even within organic diapers. Although the market is still dominated by regular, inorganic disposable diapers, organic diaper brands are gaining momentum among the parent circle, owing to their impressive qualities. There are now a range of eco-friendly, sustainable and versatile diaper options that can be examined to address your baby’s needs. Consider the following factors to arrive at the best brand of organic diapers for your tiny tot:-.

The Cloth Type
The selection of the right organic diapers for babies begins with the choice of the most suitable cloth. Organic cotton diapers are the most popular among the choice of fabrics for diapers as they are soft, thick, durable and are also highly absorbent. The second option to choose from is hemp which can be more durable and absorbent than cotton. Hemp involves a more sustainable farming process, and is naturally antimicrobial, which means better protection from rash-causing bacteria.
Organic wool is another fabric option for organic baby diapers as it has an ability to repel water and keep bottoms dry. Wool offers a natural alternative to diaper covers made of polyurethane laminate (PUL), polyester and other petrochemicals and although it might be priced on the higher side, it is more breathable than synthetic fabrics.
Lastly, organic bamboo diapers are becoming increasingly popular and often the most preferred choice as they are naturally hypoallergenic and are good for babies with sensitive skin. Since bamboo diapers require fewer layers of material, they also offer a trimmer fit.

Folds and Covers
The available range of diapers in India come in several different shapes and sizes, folds and covers. To begin with, most cloth diapers often require an additional cover so that the baby’s clothes do not get wet. Pre-folded organic baby diapers can be folded in three sections and should be used with a cover.

Similarly, flats also require multiple folds that could be pinned together. Fitted diapers require a waterproof cover but can be easily worn and fastened by a velcro at the waist. All in one diapers come with an external waterproof cover and are a great travel companion. However, they take longer to dry and repeated washing can deteriorate the waterproof quality. Lastly, pocket diapers come with an outer diaper and an absorbent insert. They dry faster and are easier to clean.

Prepare for Add-Ons

Most organic diapers require delicate cleaners to retain the quality, waste buckets for soiled diapers, and a high-pressure diaper sprayer to clean soiled diapers before laundering.

As you search for them, also research which ones require minimum number of add-ons. For instance, bamboo diapers are highly absorbent and barely allow leaks – hence omitting the need for additional cleaners.

Moreover their delicate and soft external covers keep your baby’s skin fresh and itch-free – thus – no diaper rash cream either!

In conclusion, experience is often the best knowledge. We recommend shortlisting and then experimenting with the select few organic diapers brands to see which one suits you and your baby the best.
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