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Organic Baby Diapers Can Change Your Baby’s Life

The arrival of a new-born baby is a sudden plunge into the magical and yet unknown. All focus shifts to bringing the world at their tiny feet and most parents might agree, that is no easy task. The aim of every new parent is to keep their baby smiling and away from sleepless nights, skin-rashes, repetitive crying and anxiety. Interestingly however, a lot of the aforementioned causes of a baby’s distress can be treated simply by migrating to organic diapers.
Synthetic diapers are often the cause of several ailments and can also stunt an infant’s optimum growth. Heyday uses ingredients sourced from the heart of nature to create highly absorbent bamboo diapers that provide ultimate comfort and softness to your bundle of joy. Here is why you need to make this change sooner rather than later:-

Preserve Your Baby’s Delicate Skin.
Baby skin is so young and soft that you are naturally tempted to advance your care towards its protection. However, most synthetic personal hygiene products are made of harmful carcinogens like polymers, plastics, perfumes, dioxin and can easily cause a diaper or candida rash due to irritation of highly-sensitive skin. Soiled synthetic diapers expedites the growth of yeast infections and the likes. They do not allow the skin surrounding the genitals to breathe freely, thus also causing heat rash. When exposed to contamination caused by synthetic diapers repeatedly and for a long time, the many layers of skin become prone to skin infections even as the baby grows to be an adult. It is therefore important to ensure that you take care of your baby’s skin right from the start.
Keeping this in mind, the team at Heyday uses plant-based material like corn and bamboo pulp for their organic diapers to make sure that the delicate skin of your baby is protected day and night. Your baby will outgrow these bamboo diapers, but their skin is here to stay – so why not preserve it by going natural all the way?

Watch Your Baby Sleep Longer.
Every parent’s biggest fear is of their baby crying through sleepless nights. Especially in their initial few months, sleeping well is a key indicator of a baby’s physical and cognitive growth. Baby’s that don’t get enough sleep have lower mental development scores and experience “difficult temperaments,” growing up to be more irritable and less approachable as per Sharon M. O’Brien, MPAS, PA-C. Infants also begin to establish and maintain a circadian rhythm- which later determines their sleep habits for the rest of their lives.
The good news is that in most cases, the problem isn’t insurmountable as it might seem – and can be resolved as easily as changing their uncomfortable diapers. Wet diapers can wake a baby making them uncomfortable, cranky and in need for an immediate change. Organic bamboo diapers have naturally high absorbent powers and therefore stay dry for longer hours preventing wetness, skin infections and discomfort. More importantly they provide a soft and bouncy cushioning for your baby, making them forget that they are wearing diapers to start with. Remember, a baby who is happy during the day is one who sleeps well through the night.

Set Them Free to Move and Grow
Babies should have all the support they require to move and play freely. A healthy baby is an active baby. Often using tight rubber diapers to prevent leakage, forces the baby to stay in one place due to fear of discomfort. These diapers restrict their movement, causing chaffing or rubbing of skin leading to rashes and irritation. This obstruction to free movement delays their speed of physical growth and their ability to crawl and walk – thus having a long-term effect on their holistic health. Organic diapers are naturally airy, and can help your baby take flight with ease, thus encouraging your baby to take their first step forward and never look back.

Prevent your Baby from Leaving a Carbon Footprint.
Watch your baby take their first footsteps without leaving a trail of carbon footprint behind them. As parents, we carry the responsibility of inculcating the right attitude in our toddlers from the start. Using organic diapers for your baby is the best way to “practice what you preach” and help them later realize the importance of using eco-friendly products so that they can make similarly better consumer choices as they grow older. Unlike synthetic products that lie in the landfills for over 500 years, Heyday’s bamboo diapers have fibres that break down easily and decompose in as little as 6 months to 2 years. Moreover, knowing that they grew up wearing India’s first organic baby diaper will make your child feel rightfully proud.