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Opt For Reusable Diapers to Keep Your Baby And Our Planet Healthy

Believe it or not, we are living in the time of The Great Diaper Debate, and the question of the hour remains: Are reusable diapers really any better for the environment, your wallet, or your baby?

Let’s read on to find out. Reusable diapers, or as they are also called baby cloth diapers are often considered to be a better choice for parents, babies and the planet. For multiple reasons, they have been fixtures in nurseries, daycare centres and parents’ baby bags.

To make a more informed choice, let’s go through a few reasons as to why switching to reusable diapers or all-natural disposable ones is considered better for the baby and the world.

For a Healthy Baby

The average disposable plastic diaper contains about 50 varieties of toxic chemicals that a baby’s underdeveloped skin can absorb, thus leading to conditions like skin irritation, toxic shock syndrome, asthma and disorders to the immune and endocrine systems. A 1999 study concluded that childhood respiratory problems, including asthma, might be connected to inhaling chemicals emitted from disposable diapers.

Hence, reusable baby diapers are a much safer alternative to plastic disposable ones. They are skin-friendly, breathable and much softer. Not only are they healthier, they keep your baby happier because nothing beats the feeling of natural fibres against their sensitive skin. Similarly, disposable diapers that are also compostable and made up of natural and plastic-free materials such as corn and bamboo – are also upcoming preferred alternatives.

Of course, you may ask, can a reusable baby diaper really match a disposable diaper? Be assured that the former provides all the benefits provided by disposable diapers – long hours of absorbency, the feeling of dryness, waterproof nature, etc. In every way, it boosts your baby’s health.

For a Healthy Planet

The environment is on the forefront of everyone’s mind these days. Every person, organization and corporation is trying to do their part in staving off the effects of climate change and man-made pollution. Believe it or not, reusable diapers can help in this regard.

In the US, disposable diapers make up 30% of non-biodegradable waste. Moreover, over 24,700,000,000 diapers end up in landfills every year. Even though it may seem like a single child can’t add much to that number, each baby contributes around 2000 pounds of disposable diaper garbage over 2 years.

Furthermore, disposable diapers use oil as the raw material for the plastic in them. It takes one cup of crude oil to make the plastic for one of these diapers. Now, if a baby uses 6500 diapers in 30 months, they end up using 1,625 quarts of oil. Now imagine these numbers multiplied by millions – not good for our dear planet, is it?

For a Healthy Wallet

Make no mistake: diapers are expensive. The average baby requires 6-8 diapers a day, which means that a baby will use between 6,500–10,000 diapers until they are potty trained at around 30 months old. Assuming that diapers cost about $75–$100 a month, parents would be spending $3,000 on each child for diapers alone.

On the other hand, baby cloth diapers are washable and reusable. Anyone using them won’t have to keep buying as many diapers, which cuts down on cost and purchase effort. No more quick trips to the medical store at all hours of the day because the baby is having a bad poop day! Reusable diapers or eco-friendly disposable ones can help a great deal in reducing this waste. Reuse diapers, so that less of them end up in the garbage. Naturally, non-plastic diapers like those by Heyday Care do not require oil for manufacturing, which is another positive in the environmental box.

Concluding, reusable diapers, especially reusable diapers with inserts are definitely the better choice on multiple fronts. In fact, reusable diapers in India are starting to gain traction for these very reasons. Indian mothers and grandmothers often tell stories about folding homemade diapers and “nappies” out of cotton cloth and other clean, safe material found in households.

Thankfully, the busy mothers and fathers of today don’t have to spend time making cloth diapers themselves. They can simply pick up a pack of Heyday, who have recently launched the first organic diapers in India.
Tested to be suitable for babies younger than a day, these rash free diapers are 100% chemical free, made with organic ingredients and are naturally breathable – designed to offer the best care to your bundle of love

The purely natural plant fibres used to produce these soft and absorbent organic diapers are grown in vertical farms with chemical free soil making it the right care for your baby’s soft skin. Heyday diapers are completely transparent about the ingredients used in the manufacturing process so that you can be completely sure about what your baby’s gentle skin comes in contact with, and can be reassured that your baby’s bum is being clothed in the best possible fabric.