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Keep your Toddler Cool this Summer with Cotton Diapers

Summers are coveted for their floral prints, lemonade, and extended day offs. However, scorching heat could also mean a trying time, especially for babies. To beat the heat, most of us rely on the miracles of wearing cotton due to the breathability of the fabric, and we suggest employing the same trick with babies. Consider ditching plastic diapers for cotton diapers or even better those made up of bamboo to help your baby enjoy a cool and rash-free summer.

On experiencing the severe heat of the sun for the first time, babies may develop skin infections or other health issues. As children have a faster metabolism rate as compared to that of adults, they tend to feel hotter. Thus, to prevent them from getting irritable due to profuse sweating, dampness, heat rashes, etc., consider leaving them out to play with minimal clothing – even only in some comfortable diapers. The following are some reasons why cotton diapers for babies can help them embrace summer with a smile on their face:-

Light and Breathe Easy Fabric

Cotton fibres ensure that the perspiration and moisture from the summer sun gets absorbed and subsequently released into its own fabric so that it evaporates faster. This quality of the fabric also makes cotton diapers breathable allowing better air circulation thereby keeping your little one’s body cool and dry. They are also a great way to prevent diaper rashes, since they soak up sweat and pee, instead of letting it infest in the baby’s skin.

Although cotton diapers for babies are efficient in many ways, their holding capacity is lesser as compared to disposable diapers and so they need to be changed more often. Moreover, these washable diapers for babies need to be cleaned with delicate and fragrance-free detergents. Additionally, summer heat may lead to faster breeding of germs and so cotton diapers should not be piled in the laundry for too long. Thus, it is important to change reusable cotton diapers every 2 -3 hours to keep infections at bay.

Body Hugging

Over the years, innovation with reusable diapers in India has allowed for the production of ultra-thin absorbent diapers that offer a trim fit. Some of them are also available in an adjustable format with hooks or velcro that enables a snug fit around the tummy and the legs of your baby to prevent any possible leakage. Breathable bamboo or cotton diapers mould themselves around your baby’s body instead of sagging behind like a heavy burden they are forced to carry.

These latest developments to improve washable diapers for babies offer great comfort in allowing the baby to enjoy an uninterrupted play time while giving the caretaker a chance to take a back seat.

Environment Friendly

An additional benefit of cotton diapers is that they enable a greener environment. Regular plastic disposable diapers made up of synthetic materials do not decompose and instead fill up landfills over hundreds of years. Since most manufacturers of cotton diapers have a small business, they source the raw material locally. They also tend to use minimal packaging for the transportation of their product.
However, we must look for organic cotton when looking for cotton diapers for babies, for them to really benefit the environment. The only other better alternative to cotton diapers are disposable bamboo ones that are easily biodegradable and can be added to your compost bins.

Durable and Economical

In all probability your baby will go through 7000 diaper changes for the first 1.5 – 3 years until they are potty trained, hence, reusable cotton diapers are a reasonable investment. Post initial purchase, you can use them throughout the diapering years of your toddler. However, owing to the fact that they need to be cleaned on a daily basis and require detergent and washing machines or man-power for the same, they often add up to the price of regular, disposable diapers.


Cotton diapers come in adorable designs that make your tiny tot look fashionable. The vibrant colours and attractive designs can allow you the freedom to ditch the clothes for the lower half and show off these delightful prints. This is also great since fewer clothes translate to more ease for your baby in the scorching heat of the summer.

All said and done, to benefit from the use of cotton diapers for babies during summer months, we must regulate their use. For starters, try not to leave the used cotton diapers in a diaper pail as the heat and the air circulation encourages the growth of mold and mildew. It is important to not only wash the diapers but also the pail liner or the wet bag to keep the mildew away. Wash your cotton diapers at smaller intervals and leave them out to dry in the sun. The sun’s heat will help remove the stains that the diapers may have hosted. Lastly, although this has been stressed often, it is important to change your baby’s reusable cotton diapers every few hours.

Considering that washable diapers for babies can be a high-maintenance product, environmentally friendly companies like Heyday are producing organic baby bamboo diapers that are far more effective. Made from plant fibres and oxo-degradable materials these diapers use no chemical, chlorine, dioxin bleach, or synthetic intervention. They are organic and have a corn and bamboo fibre top sheet with a bio composite absorbent core and a cornstarch back sheet that provide high absorption and 360° protection. Heyday cares for your baby and wants what is best for them just like you do.