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Five Ways to Keep your Baby Rash Free and Plastic Free

Babies have an undeniable magnetic charm. One cannot help but mirror a baby’s emotions. If they are cooing happily, you are all smiles, and if they are restless and cranky, you are close to tears as well. The good news is that, keeping a baby rash-free and plastic-free are two easy ways to ensure the smiles on both your faces keep growing.
The highly sensitive skin of babies is prone to developing skin rashes due to heat, allergies, diaper dampness, infections, friction, chemicals, fragrances, and foreign fabrics. Depending on the cause of the rash, different parts of the baby’s body can be affected such as their genital area, face, neck, skin folds of their thighs and arms. While the treatment of the rashes depends on the cause and the place of the rash, a lot can change dramatically if we remove all plastic and synthetic products from the baby’s reach. For instance plastic diapers and chemically treated creams can be replaced by organic diapers, and natural home-made pastes and oils respectively.
The following are 5 ways to reduce the amount of plastic your baby is exposed to, and rashes your baby suffers:-

Apply Natural and Organic Skin-Care Products
Most new synthetic products can irritate the skin of a baby. Since it is the first time they will be contacting harsh chemicals, their skin might react to simple things like baby wipes, soaps, shampoos and cream. To prevent allergies while your baby’s skin is still highly sensitive, consider replacing all market-bought skin products with home-made skin products. For instance, using soft, wet cloth towels are a much healthier alternative to chemically doused wet-wipes found in plastic bags. Furthermore, oils are a better moisturizer than synthetic creams stored in plastic bottles. Powders solve no real purpose, and can be omitted altogether. For soaps and scrubs, consider using turmeric or cucumber based pastes, after checking with your doctor. They can be applied gently on the baby’s body and washed off with water – keeping your baby fresh, healthy and rash-free.

Avoid Plastic Bedding, and Car Sheets.
We often use a top sheet of plastic on the baby’s bed or car seat – in hopes to prevent the spread of a leak. However, highly absorbent organic diapers should be a fitting solution for the same. Keeping the baby in close contact with plastic through bedding, mats, or car seat covers, increases the chances of them developing a rash. It is important to remember that babies build their tolerance to plastic over time, and to start with – they have extremely high absorbent rates – double of an adult who is able to filter out what they require and discard the rest as waste. A baby’s skin is still new to the filtering process, and absorbs most things that it is in contact with. Thus using rash-free diapers that are made up of natural ingredients is the best way to prevent leaks while keeping the baby its usual bubbly self.
Replace Plastic Bottles and Pacifiers.
Plastic bottles and pacifiers are a common sight next to every baby. Unfortunately, researchers have studied that constant contact to plastic increases the risks of genetically modified diseases. A baby should be breast-fed until it can eat mashed food. If bottles must be used, they should be made out of stainless steel for the most part.
Lastly, using pacifiers to stop a baby from crying delays the ability of a baby to self-soothe and fall back asleep. Consider spending time with your baby, entertaining them by rocking them, playing with them or singing to them – all great natural alternatives to a plastic pacifier.

Know what Your Baby is in Contact with.
Every baby is a gift and just as this gift is about to arrive, there are a lot other gifts your friends and family shower you with. While you are determined to bring the choicest of luxuries for the new sunshine of your lives, you don’t always know which of these products will suit your baby and which may not – until you put them to test. We highly recommend you study the ingredient list and the brand ethics of every product your baby will be in frequent contact with.
Opt out of Plastic Diapers
Babies communicate their suffering by crying. It can signify their hunger, their rejection of a stranger, their irritation through sleepless nights, and most importantly that they are hurt. When a rash develops, the already sensitive skin of babies becomes even more irritable and they cry at every slight touch. Most ordinary diapers cause irritation and redness because of synthetic components along with carcinogens like poly-mers, plastics, perfumes, and dioxin – which are all a recipe for skin related problems and should be avoided at all costs.
Curated with love sourced from plant fibres, Heyday’s rash free diapers contain oxo-degradable materials that are safe for use right from the first day of a baby’s exciting journey of life. These organic diapers provide pillow-soft covers made up of corn. They are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and the first organic diapers in India, just in time for your baby to enjoy rash-free days and dreamy nights.

For instance, Heyday has recently launched the first organic diapers in India. Tested to be suitable for babies who are younger than a day, these rash free diapers are 100% chemical free, made with organic ingredients and are naturally breathable – taking special care of your special baby. The purely natural plant fibres used to produce these soft and absorbent organic diapers are grown in vertical farms with chemical free soil making it the right care for your baby’s soft skin. Heyday diapers are transparent with their ingredient list and in their manufacturing process so that every parent is aware of what their baby is in constant contact with and can thus choose to raise their baby naturally, safely and healthily.