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Disposable Diapers or Reusable Diapers: How To Pick The Right One !

Parenting might often seem like a rigid dichotomy between several choices: formula feeding vs breastfeeding, being a traditional parent vs a modern parent, and similarly, choosing between disposable diapers vs cloth diapers. It is natural to feel overwhelmed and puzzled but the easiest way to feel more empowered and informed is to supplement yourself with the right knowledge that guides you and helps you make more conscious decisions. When it comes to choosing between disposable diapers and cloth diapers, consider several lifestyle factors to make sure that neither you or your baby comprises comfort. Before we know which ones to use, we must acquaint ourselves with what they really are. Cloth diapers are a reusable traditional style of diapering whereas disposable diapers on the other hand are meant for single use as they cannot be cleaned well enough for a second wear.
Your tiny tot might require diaper changes no less than eight to ten times a day, before he or she is potty trained (which usually takes one and a half – three years.) Thus the decision you make about the kind of diapers to use is a long term one. For the better or the worse, the market is resplendent with choices for diapers to suit every lifestyle and baby. Find out how the following factors determine the suitability of a certain diaper (cloth or disposable) for your baby.

Being a parent can be both arduous and challenging and so, you might choose convenience as your top most priority in which case, disposable diapers can really come to your rescue. Disposable diaper manufacturers in India have tried to make diapering as convenient as possible for parents who are swamped with work or are always on the run. Not only are they easy to change, but they are also significantly less time consuming since you do away with the hassle of having to clean them. Disposable bamboo diapers for babies are also highly absorbent which means that you need not change your baby’s diaper as often thus making them the preferred choice during travels
Cloth diapers on the other hand might not be as convenient and require to be handled by practiced hands for optimum use. They are cumbersome to change and add up to extra loads of laundry which means greater time commitment. Additionally, if cloth diapers are employed while traveling you might find yourself carrying smelly diapers on your way back.

Price Diapers are among the most expensive investments for babies and are also unavoidable. Considering that your baby needs to be changed every few hours for the first few years, using disposable diapers can really add up to the cost factor.
Cloth diapers on the other hand are a one-time cost and hence may seem to be more pocket friendly in the long run. However, there are additional costs involved with cloth diapers such as using a washing machine for cleaning them thereby increasing electricity bills or purchasing delicate detergents that are more expensive as compared to regular ones. It must be noted that a lot of time is spent disinfecting cloth diapers, and in today’s day and age, time is money.

Skin sensitivity Synthetic disposable diapers for babies have dyes, scents, gels and other chemicals in them which might mean exposing your baby’s skin to unnatural elements early on. Of these, chemicals such as dioxin are known to be carcinogens. It can potentially harm and irritate the sensitive skin of your baby. However, the increasing availability of all natural disposable diapers resolves the problem of skin sensitivity effectively,
If your baby has sensitive skin, cloth diapers are often the preferred option as they are made up of natural elements such as cotton. To avoid diaper rashes in cloth diapers, it is important to change them often as they are not as absorbent as their disposable counterpart.

Environmental impact Watching your disposable diapers pile up might really make you consider the environmental impact of your purchase and ask yourself– are disposable diapers biodegradable? Unfortunately, most disposable diapers for babies in use today are not biodegradable. However, disposable diaper manufacturers in India like Heyday, are quickly resolving the issue by building biodegradable bamboo diapers that leave no trace on the planet and can quickly be composted. Hence you can add on to that soiled-pile guilt free.

Even though cloth diapers are reusable – they require an excess amount of water for their daily washing. Furthermore, the additional additive of harmful synthetic detergents to this water makes it a waste pollutant that can be highly poisonous. Hence, the best bet when it comes being environment friendly is choosing to go with biodegradable disposable diapers. Heyday strives to make your choice a tad bit easier by helping you reduce your carbon footprint with every product you purchase. With Heyday you can teach your little ones the importance of keeping both our homes: our bodies and the planet – equally clean and healthy.